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Some awesome artists you should follow!

2014-08-17 08:27:48 by Chemiqals

There are some insanely talented people on Newgrounds... I thought I'd share a few of my favorites. Not that I don't love everyone that I follow! Because I do!

Anyway, In no particular order -











Seriously though... these are just a few of my favorites! 



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2014-08-17 09:03:55

wow, thank you <3

Chemiqals responds:

You're quite welcome!


2014-08-17 09:36:20

Thanks for the shoutout, man! Stay in touch with the AUC, I'll be uploading something before Friday!

Chemiqals responds:

Looking forward to anything you put out! Children of Saturn is still one of my favorite tracks on NG! =)


2014-08-17 18:45:24

Thanks alot for the shoutout Chemiquals :D. In all honesty, I think you are one of the hidden gems on the site :). Your newest track is amazing :D.

Chemiqals responds:

Thank you! I really appreciate that! You have some of the best dance songs around, no doubt! ^_^


2014-08-17 18:46:34

Chemiqals* X3.


2014-08-17 19:08:39

aww thanks! <3

Chemiqals responds:

No problem! Keep up the amazing work!


2014-08-18 20:24:52

I'm not on there 0/10

Chemiqals responds:

Maybe you'll be on the part 2 list! Cause I'm definitely making a part 2 list. Cause there are too many awesome artists here for just one awesome list. =)


2014-08-18 21:05:06

Aww maaan <3 Thanks for the mention!

Chemiqals responds:



2014-08-19 15:05:39

support appreciated ! :D

Chemiqals responds:

Support completely deserved! =P


2014-08-22 20:31:11

aahhhh you!

Chemiqals responds: