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2014-07-06 09:41:29 by Chemiqals

I'm gonna start uploading my stuff to YouTube because why not? I'll definitely have my most recent stuff posted here first though. Mainly cause the video takes time to work on and upload.



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2014-07-06 20:16:50

Sounds good! I gotta catch up on all your new stuff anyway!

Chemiqals responds:

Same here! I gotta set aside a day where I just go through and listen to everything I've missed!


2014-07-07 07:05:41

I upload some of my stuff to youtube, but nobody except for my friends gives a damn. :((((((

Chemiqals responds:

Haha yeah! I'm not expecting much, but I figured I might as well!


2014-07-09 22:26:03

hur, a little tired, it's 4 a.m here.. But know what ? I'm gonna check this out, subscribe if I don't forget to do it, and when I'll find a song interesting enough to share it with someone I know would be interested by the song, I'll do it. Why so ? Because why not ?

Chemiqals responds:

Haha, well thank you very much! I appreciate that!